World-Watching: German Industry: Structural Change Underway

[from Deutsche Bank Research]

Production in major industrial sectors in Germany has developed very differently in recent years under the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and energy price shock. For example, manufacturing in electrical engineering rose by 18% compared with the start of 2015. In the chemical industry, there has been a 20% decline over the same period. The differences are not only cyclical, but also structural. In the future, it will be more important to distinguish between Germany as an industrial location and the German industry.

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Essay 91: Germany Watching

from Deutsche Bank Research, the new edition of Focus Germany:

Economic Weakness, Political Turbulence [PDF]

German exports and global trade have been moving in lockstep recently and more or less ground to a halt in YoY terms. We found that the Bundesbank’s leading indicator for global industrial production leads German exports by 4 to 5 months. Recent declines in this indicator do speak against a recovery in German exports before the end of Q1 2020, despite recent signs of stabilization in German foreign order intake. (Also included in this issue: house prices in Germany, labor market, automotive industry and German politics.)

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