World-Watching: Shipping Problems Webinar

Solving SMB Shipping Problems with Technology — June 14th @ 2 PM EDT

[from FreightWaves]

The supply chain challenges we hear about today likely bear little resemblance to those we envisioned at the beginning of 2020. Ongoing disruption to the global supply chain has accelerated and heightened the need to focus on risk mitigation — or face even more critical concerns.

To uncover ways small and midsized (SMB) organizations can overcome tech adoption challenges and continue to grow, FreightWaves has partnered with MyCarrier for a one-hour webinar at 2 PM EDT on Tuesday, June 14.

In this webinar, learn how SMB organizations can alleviate the pressure of industry volatility by utilizing technology to:

  1. Reduce shipping costs
  2. Maintain customer demands
  3. Source reliable capacity
  4. Ensure timely pick ups 
  5. Manage inventory

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Release of the ROCA Draft Report on Assessing Progress on Ocean and Climate Action 2019

(from the Oceans Info Mailing List)

The Roadmap to Ocean and Climate Action (ROCA) Initiative is pleased to share the third annual Report on Assessing Progress on Oceans and Climate Action 2019, which provides a summary of major developments in ocean and climate science, policy, and action in 2019. The report has been written in collaboration with 47 contributing authors writing in their own personal capacities. The report reviews major developments taking place on each of the following major themes: New Scientific Findings on Oceans and Climate, Central Role of Nationally Determined Contributions, Mitigation, Adaptation, Low Carbon Blue Economy, Population Displacement, Financing, and Capacity Development. See the ROCA Report, Assessing Progress on Ocean and Climate Action: 2019 [archived PDF].

To find out more about the ROCA initiative and to find past ROCA reports, please visit the ROCA Initiative website.

The ROCA Progress Report 2019 will be presented at the Oceans Action Day at COP25 taking place on December 6 and 7, 2019 at COP25 in Madrid, Spain. Please visit the Oceans Action Day at COP25 webpage for more information, including the official program and postcard.

For more information about the ROCA Progress Report 2019, please contact:
Dr. Biliana Cicin-Sain (
Ms. Alexis Maxwell (