Essay 94: The Impact of Elite Schools / Digital Governance in Real Time / How Think Tanks Communicate

from the Center for Global Development:

The (Under) Performance of Elite Public Schools

Policymakers often claim elite public schools are vehicles for social mobility, but do these schools live up to the hype? Aisha Ali, Lee Crawfurd, and Susannah Hares review the evidence on the effects on the kids who attend elite schools—and those who don’t—and find that there are only small learning gains at high costs.

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Towards Real-Time Digital Governance

To improve public services, citizens need to be at the forefront of these efforts. In a new note, Alan Gelb, Neeraj Mittal, and Anit Mukherjee consider how digital technologies can play a supporting role, offering new opportunities for scalable, rapid feedback for better service delivery and accountability.

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The Evolution of Think Tank Research and Impact

What do think tanks exist to do? Influencing policy requires more than just research outputs, Helen Dempster writes. She outlines four target areas for research impact and the role of communications in amplifying this impact.

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How Significant Is Household Headship? Agnes Quisumbing and Dominique van de Walle

Oct. 1 [archived MP3]

Parenting by the Data: Emily Oster

Aug. 16 [archived MP3]

Prospects for Prosper Africa

Jul. 15 [archived MP3]

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The New Economy of Africa: Opportunities for Nigeria’s Emerging Technology Sector

Vijaya Ramachandran, Jennifer Obado-Joel, Razaq Fatai, Junaid Sadiq Masood, Blessing Omakwu — Nov. 12 [archived PDF]

Lending Terms for IFAD Projects

Scott Morris, Jessie Lu — Nov. 12 [archived PDF]

Taxing “Bads”: An Overview of Research Initiatives

Ruth Lopert — Nov. 12 [archived PDF]

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Where Policy and Research Meet: Takeaways from Workshops on CGD’s New Policy Decision Tree for Financial Inclusion

Liliana Rojas-Suarez, Diego Castrillón, Alejandro Fiorito — Nov. 18

Comments on World Bank Global Platform to Strengthen Education Financing

Barbara Bruns — Nov. 18

Bolivia’s Antipoverty Successes Are Going to Face Funding Challenges Thanks to Falling Gas Prices

Kyle Navis — Nov. 15

What Does China’s Investment in Africa Mean for Europe?

Hannah Timmis, Mikaela Gavas — Nov. 14

Is CGD Marxist? Responding to Red-Baiting from the World Bank

Justin Sandefur — Nov. 13

A Quick Guide to 100+ Publications by Economics Nobel Winner Abhijit Banerjee

David Evans — Nov. 12

The Future of IFAD Assistance

Scott Morris, Jessie Lu — Nov. 12

How Tough Is It to Be a Tech Entrepreneur in Nigeria? Results from a New Survey

Vijaya Ramachandran, Junaid Sadiq Masood — Nov. 12

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